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How to improve the video quality after conversion?

FAQ for the following product:

EaseFab Video Converter Ultimate

The output video quality depends on many factors, such as the computer configuration, computer performance and the output parameters you choose. For a better output quality, please first close other programs first. You also press CTRL+ALT+DELETE to open the Windows Task Manager window and close unnecessary processes (with User Name as Administrator) in the Process tab.

For different source files, we also have different suggestions. Here are the details for your reference.

For DVD (Blu-ray) files:
1. Check if the DVD (Blu-ray) plays well on the computer. If not, you can update the DVD (BD) drive and try again.
You can right-click My Computer on the desktop, select Manage > Device Manager > DVD/CD-ROM drives to find the DVD drive and right-click the drive to update it.
2. Click the Settings button and keep the default parameter.
3. In case this does not work, please contact us with the name, publisher and region code of the DVD. Please also send a screenshot of the output parameters you choose. We will test it on our side.

For video files:
1. Check if the source file plays well on the computer and previews on the program.
2. Check if the source file plays well on the program and click the Settings button to keep the default parameter.
3. If the source file is supported for High Speed Conversion, you can choose the supported output format.

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