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What is the fix for when the software prompts "please insert a DVD disc"?

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EaseFab DVD Creator | EaseFab DVD Creator for Mac

As DVD Creator does not support burning files to an RW disc that has been used before, you will need to ensure that you have already deleted the disc, or use a blank, undamaged and writable DVD disc.

If you still get a prompt to insert a disc when you already have one inserted, the following instructions will assist with that situation.

1. Try another blank disc or another brand of disc if you have one available.
2. Take the disc from the DVD drive, and close the software. Then insert the disc again and restart the software to try again.
3. Update the driver for the DVD drive on your computer.

Note: Before you shut down the software, make sure that you save the files you are editing as a project file from the DVD Creator menu, allowing you to re-import the project upon restarting the software and not lose any of your work.

To update the driver for your DVD drive, it's recommended to go to the manufacturer's website and look for an updated driver. Alternatively, Windows update will frequently add updated drivers for hardware.

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