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What should I do if the registration code is invalid?

The registration code is invalid under such circumstances:

1. The software you are registering is NOT the software you've purchased. Make sure the registration code is for the software you're registering.

2. You use the former registration code on the upgraded programs.
The registration code can only be used on the very version of the program you purchase. If you upgrade your program, you need to go to our Support Center and retrieve the latest Download URL and registration code.

3. The registration code doesn't match the version
The registration code you've received from us can only be used to register the latest version of the software. Ensure you've downloaded the software from the Download URL provided in the registration e-mail.

4. Wrong spelling of your licensed e-mail address or registration code
Please make sure that the spelling of your licensed e-mail address or registration code is corret. Please copy them from your registration e-mail, then paste them into the proper text boxes in the registration window.

If you do it all correctly but failed to register the software successfully, kindly send the screenshot of the registration window to our customer support team.

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